The Project Gutenberg Open Audiobook Collection

Thousands of free and open audiobooks powered by Project Gutenberg, Microsoft, and MIT


Project Gutenberg, Microsoft, and MIT have worked together to create thousands of free and open audiobooks using new neural text-to-speech technology and Project Gutenberg's large open-access collection of e-books. This project aims to make literature more accessible to (audio)book-lovers everywhere and democratize access to high quality audiobooks. Whether you are learning to read, looking for inclusive reading technology, or about to head out on a long drive, we hope you enjoy this audiobook collection.




For more technical information on the code used to generate these audiobooks please see our Interspeech 2023 Show and Tell Paper: Large-Scale Automatic Audiobook Creation


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The audiobooks here are generated by new neural text to speech technology and automated parsing of the e-books in the Project Gutenberg collection. Some audiobooks may contain errors, strange pronunciations, offensive language, or content not suitable for all audiences. The language and views presented in these audiobooks are do not represent the views of Microsoft or Project Gutenberg. To report an issue with a recording please visit